MDBG Chinese Reader 7.2 now available

New in Version 7.2

Compatible with Google Chrome 33
Supports Windows 8.1 desktop Chinese voices
Enhanced compatibility with Windows 8.1 applications
Incremental performance and reliability improvements
More features of Chinese Reader 7


For PCs with Microsoft Windows. Updated 4/7/2014

After 14 days, request a free subscription to MDBG Chinese Reader Free or buy a full subscription of MDBG Chinese Reader for $5-$10 USD/month. Upgrade from earlier version of Chinese Reader.

Why learn Chinese?

There's never been a better time to learn Chinese. As the world's second largest economy, China's presence is felt throughout the world--especially throughout Asia. Businesses who make support Chinese business partners, consumers and tourists are being rewarded for their efforts.

Learn Chinese as you use it

Learning experts agree: adults learnin differently than children. Silly matching games and mindless drills may help kids learn, but adults learn best when they choose what to learn and when they want to learn it. Personalized, self-paced learning (like MDBG Chinese Reader) with instructor-led sessions are a powerful combination that delivers impressive results.

MDBG Chinese Reader 7 is a powered by our 105,000 entry Chinese-English dictionary and translator. Let MDBG's popup windows help you read, understand and learn Chinese.

Customer Comments

"Really a great piece of software." R. Kern
"It's the best tool I've seen so far, really excellent." P. Haas
"I really use it a lot and is much faster than going to google translator...I am very happy with the product over all." J. Marie

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