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How do I install Microsoft Lili text-to-speech voice?

MDBG Chinese Reader includes Microsoft Simplified Chinese, a male text-to-speech (TTS) voice. This voice is installed automatically when Chinese Reader is installed.

 If you have Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows Vista Ultimate (or other versions of Windows with local support for Chinese), then Microsoft Lili, a female TTS voice is recommended. If your copy of Windows 7/Vista (Home, Home Premium, Business, etc.) was purchased outside of Asia, upgrade to Ultimate for this voice.

Here's how to install and configure this voice for Windows 7/Vista Ultimate users:

Check Vista Updates

1. Run Windows Update and click View available Extras. This option is only available for Windows 7 or Vista Ultimate users.

Choose Chinese language pack(s)

2. Select one or both Chinese Language packs. Click Install and follow the on-screen instructions. China uses Simplified Chinese; Taiwan, Hong Kong and others use Traditional Chinese.

Choose Microsoft Lili voice

3. From the Vista Control Panel, choose Speech Properties. Select Microsoft Lili voice. Click Preview Voice to verify your installation and audio configuration. Click OK to accept changes.

Hear Chinese words pronounced with MDBG Chinese Reader

4. From Chinese Reader, scan over text. Right-click inside the scan window and choose Pronounce. You will hear the word(s) pronounced in Mandarin Chinese.

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