Imagine suddenly having the gift of understanding and speaking Chinese. Which websites would you visit? Who would you want to chat with--in Chinese? Start understanding news headlines, emails and documents as easily as reading English. It's all possible with the MDBG Chinese Reader.

Talking Chinese-English dictionary

LiveScan with Chinese Reader

Glide your mouse over Chinese text and MDBG Chinese Reader’s LiveScan™ window immediately explains the Chinese text and reads the words aloud in Chinese. MDBG Chinese Reader shows over 105,000 meanings of words and phrases from MDBG's CC-CEDICT, the world's most popular Chinese-English dictionary. With this dictionary is installed on your computer, it's always available--even when the Internet is slow or unavailable.

If English isn't your first (or best) language, the English meanings can be auto-translated into Dutch, Russian and dozens of other languages through Multi-Language Extensions (MLX). An Internet connection is required to access these web services.

HighlightScan works with a range of text

Highlight a range of text to open the Chinese Reader's HighlightScan window

Language learners tell us that immersion is one of the most powerful ways to learn Chinese. Memorizing vocabulary lists and guessing at multiple choices in games give a false sense of actually learning a language. By interacting with real-world information, learners can focus on subjects that are interesting and useful--not just follow a standardized textbook.

Highlight a range Chinese text and the MDBG HighlightScan window shows a rudimentary autotranslation (powered by Microsoft Bing and Google Translate) at the top. The center reading panel shows the actual Chinese text with Pinyin rubytext. Hover your mouse over any Chinese words in the reading panel and see all the details (meaning, usage notes, HSK Chinese proficiency level, Pinyin, Bopomofo, etc.).


Right-click options

Right-click to act on the word(s)

From either LiveScan or HighlightScan windows, right-click your mouse to see a list of actions you can take for the selected Chinese word(s).

- Search: find contemporary or historical examples of this word(s) in news, websites, photos, MP3, encyclopedia, forums and videos. Click to search in Chinese from MDBG, Nciku, Baidu, Bible Gateway, Flickr, Google, Hudong, Ifeng, Sina, SoSo, Tudo, Twitter, Wikipedia, Youku and YouTube are also available

- Pronounce: hear the word(s) pronounced in Mandarin Chinese

- Copy/Copy from: copy selected details (Simplified text, traditional text, definition, Pinyin, Bopomofo) or everything to the clipboard. Paste into Microsoft Word, Outlook or your favorite application

- Word: Edit or add a new word(s) to your personal Chinese-English translation dictionary

- Export: Saves selected words into a text file


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Premium Voices

Settings for Speech
Support: Text to speech (TTS)
Download Simplified Chinese voice

Adding Premium Voices

Add Premium Voices to MDBG Chinese Reader. Unlike older programs that use pre-recorded voices, these high quality voices support rate control--learn pronunciation and conversational Chinese at your pace. As an added bonus, they work offline so a web connection is required.