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Click on the Pronounce icon and hear the selected Chinese pronounced for you.

Premium Voices

MDBG uses a powerful text-speech engine to generate pronunciations on-demand. Unlike older technologies that use pre-recorded voice, Chinese Reader is fast and efficient. Switching voices, changing speech rates, adding pauses--are all immediately available with the included Premium Voices.

Listen to northwest (东北 dōngběi) pronounced:

With Premium HuiHui Chinese (Mandarin, PRC) voice:

With Premium HanHan Chinese* (Mandarin, Taiwan) voice:

With Premium HunYee Chinese* (Cantonese, Hong Kong) voice:

Creating new entries* for your custom dictionaries? Chinese Reader's speech engine will also work with your new words and dictionaries.

*Some features are supported only in Professional and Ultimate Editions.

Rate Control

MDBG's impressive text-speech technologies make it much easier for you to hear and learn Chinese. Start with a slower speech rate to hear the nuances of each tone. Add a pause between words to help you distinguish each tone. As your proficiency improves, increase the rate. When you're ready to practice conversational Chinese, max out the speech rate.

Listen to giant panda (大熊猫 dà xióngmāo) pronounced using the Premium HuiHui voice:

At rate 100:

At rate 100 and 0.5s (500ms) pause between words:

At rate 70 and 0.5s (500ms) pause between words:

At rate 20 and 0.5s (500ms) pause between words:

At rate 160 and 0.5s (500ms) pause between words:

Adjust speech settings

In Settings > Speech, customize your speech settings. Enable AutoPronounce to hear the word(s) pronounced every time you select a word. Choose different Chinese voices. Adjust the speech rate and even add pauses between words. Want to review the pronunciations on your mobile device? With Chinese Reader 8, just import (or copy) the Chinese Reader audio files to your device.

Customer Experience

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