Word Lists

Finding and learning Chinese is simpler with MDBG.

Chinese Reader's main window gives you immediate access to three dynamic word lists. The contents of each list is continuously updated with your choices.


Find a Chinese word using any combination of English, Pinyin and Chinese (simplified, traditional)


As you scan and lookup words, tag words as your favorite for future reference. Build personal study lists, track frequently used words--or just log the words you want to explore later


Chinese Reader's word tracking capability is a powerful way to recall the words you've seen. Every time you scan, lookup or interact with a word, Chinese Reader remembers what you've seen


Search, copy and export words in your list


Refine your list by sorting and grouping

*Some features are supported only in Standard, Professional and Ultimate Editions.
Find and view word lists

Customer Experience

Our users, from the U.S. State Department to the United Nations Office at Geneva, are excited about MDBG.

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