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Printed text books, dictionaries and encyclopedias were yesterday's way for learning and understanding Chinese.

Right-click and choose Search to find today's examples, news stories, images, videos and music of the words that are important to you. The more you explore, the easier to grasp the semantic domain of words and phrases. Best of all? You won't need to type Chinese to search in Chinese. That's the power of MDBG Chinese Reader.

  • MDBG - comprehensive Chinese-English dictionary
  • WrittenChinese - learning Chinese site
  • LINE Dictionary - dictionary powered by Collins
  • ZDIC - Chinese language resources
  • Baidu - most popular search engine in China for news, videos, music and more
  • Baike - Baidu encyclopedia
  • Bible Gateway - Bible
  • Flickr - videos
  • Google - very popular search engine*
  • Ifeng - news and information
  • Sina - news
  • Sogou - news and information
  • Soku - Chinese videos
  • Twitter - news and social networking
  • Wikipedia - community dictionary
  • YouTube - videos
*Service may be limited (blocked) in China.

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